Visionary Artist

Otorongo (Hamid Naemeh) is an artist and designer Currently based in Oregon and the mountains of Ecuador.

His Abstract forms derive from his experiences and visions with the natural world and its elements.

The playful movements in his work reflects the story of trust in the heart gained through The balance of one's Heart and Mind.

  • The Earth Game

    The 'Earth Game' is a sixteen module transformational journey designed
    to give you the emotional, psychological, and spiritual tools you need
    to heal your past, free your mind and love being alive.

  • Art Flight

    5 Ancient and abstract Art modules designed to open your imagination and
    use these methods to deepen your connection to all Elements present in
    our life. We will be creating an original piece to be shared with the
    world after our journey together.

  • Personal Coaching Calls

    Alongside the 'Earth Game' and 'Art Flight' you'll have access to one-on one calls during 6 months designed to show you how to heal
    your past and manifest your dreams using powerful practices and

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